Our Services


Couples Therapy

This type of therapy is for couples at any stage of development of their relationship in which they are encountering difficulties threatening its effectiveness as partners.

Courses, Seminars and Workshops

We offer courses, seminars, workshops and certificate designed to provide knowledge in areas of personal development, parenting, partner, family, and others. The emphasis of our courses are geared to motivate participants to effectively apply the knowledge and skills acquired in the circumstances of life, whether individual, couple, family and organizational.

Family Therapy

In family therapy, the therapist plays a very active role helping family members to solve problems, to break dysfunctional patterns of relating, to negotiate solutions to conflicts that are living, to manage the resentment and heal old wounds.

Individual Psychotherapy

This treatment is used to increase psychological well-being of the person. Psychotherapy can help people who are experiencing it emotional or behavioral problems, or people who have an emotional disorder.

Intensive Neurofeedback Training

We have developed a neurofeedback training program two weeks for those seeking a more intensive approach to solve dynamic problems. These intensive two-week programs, provide the brains of participants the boost they need to free patterns and behaviors that are not functional. Our experience indicates that this format is a very effective way to train the brain to make the changes necessary to function more efficiently.

Psychological Evaluation

Psychological assessment is a specialized procedure to determine whether an individual has a personality problem, learning, attention or other cognitive important and subtle issue that could have an effect on behavior and personal welfare, or in academic or occupational .